ULMA Piping is a cooperative company, which means that it is 100% owned by its workers.

Nowadays, in a society that is increasingly individualistic and where many businesses are becoming less and less integrated with their communities, cooperativism is a clear example of commitment between people and their companies.

Our cooperative system enables us to benefit from a workforce that is completely committed to the company's goals.

Business groupings

ULMA Piping is member of ULMA Group, which brings together eight member businesses in various industrial sectors, boasting a total workforce of over 4300 people and offices around the world. Its activity pivots around 8 strategic Business units; Architectural Solutions, Agricola, Forklift Trucks, Construction, Conveyor Components, Handling Systems, Packaging and Piping.

ULMA Piping and ULMA Corporation are associated with MONDRAGON Corporation, the largest cooperative association in the world with over 300 member cooperatives and over 100,000 workers worldwide. MONDRAGON Corporation is one of the world's major business groups, with a strong presence in industry, distribution and financial services, and annual turnover in excess of 13bn Euro ($19bn).

MONDRAGON Corporation's aim is to support all its associated companies, providing a wide range of shared services through the fully-owned MONDRAGON Corporation service network:

Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) Centres ·
Over 12 centres with a workforce of over 750 workers

Bank ·
Caja Laboral

Private Health and Insurance System ·
Lagun Aro

University ·
Mondragon University

Today MONDRAGON Corporation is the largest cooperative association in the world, now boasting over 300 member cooperatives and over 100,000 workers worldwide.